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Hatpins, badges, memories and stories

Today I bought a new hatpin at the shops. I know I have lots at home already but this one was a lightning bolt and it reminded me of Harry Potter.

When I got home, I started thinking about all my little hatpins, and the badges too. I wondered which one was my oldest; which one was the most expensive; which one had I worn the most; which one had travelled the furthest?

All of these questions got my mind racing so I got out the little box that stores all my hatpins. I lay them out on the dining room table and counted them.

I currently have 141 hatpins and badges. That’s almost one a week, every week for two years! Or three school terms. Or one a day for 141 days :P

So this gave me an idea… 141 memories or stories around my hatpins.

With one of my 2020 goals being to write every day, these pins and badges will be my journal prompts. Some stories I will keep in my notebook and some I will share with you all via this Blog page. I think I’m also going to wear a different pin each day to work. Should last almost three terms without double ups.

So for each day that I wear a hatpin, I will write a memory, a poem or a short story to go with it.

Whether you call them hatpins, badges or a waste of space; this collection of pieces is going to spark my journal for this year. I hope you enjoy the stories that go with them all. Feel free to comment any questions about specific pins or questions about the memories.

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