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Sophia Evans is a children’s book author, teacher, avid star gazer and all round nerd. She writes children’s picture books, school readers, short stories and young adult novels. Sophia has always loved writing and sharing stories. She published her first book, The Oncoming Storm (illustrated by Robyn Bradshaw) in 2018. In 2019, she published Sustainability, The Night Sky and Liam’s New Shape through Library For All.

Sophia tends to get lost in her writing, with numerous writing projects on the go simultaneously. However, she is brought back to reality by her dog who wants wants a pat or wants to go for a run. Sophia’s dog, Leroy, is a 55kg Bull Arab Cross who celebrates his birthday in September. He was rescued in 2004 and continues to need rescuing from ferocious things like bees, sticks and noisy vacuum cleaners. Leroy is a giant, squishy-faced sook who likes Sophia as she continues to drive him to the beach and dog parks as well as taking time out to feed him.

Sophia has a Bachelor of Learning Management, a Certificate II in Information Technology, and a Blue Card. If you look deeper into her wallet, you will find a Zing membership card, a Ravenclaw badge and a Trekkie Science Officer badge.

Being a Senior Teacher in the Queensland primary school system, Sophia uses her evenings and weekends to fuel her writing habit. During the day, she teaches and delights in seeing her student’s successes; especially when they are writing achievements.

Sophia has worked internationally and travelled extensively, all of which (she says) makes her a better writer.

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