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Messy Mischief with Master 5 - Story Response to Liam's New Shape.

Liam’s New Shape is probably one of little Liam’s favourite books. Probably because it’s got his name in it, but also because there is a lot of art we can do afterwards. So while on holidays, I locked-down with my sister and her 5YO named Liam coincidentally (and her 2-month old baby) for some art, mischief and lots of trains.

Note: Baby did not do any of this art, she was there for cuddles only.

First art project – Shape Art

Step one: Re-read book. If you haven’t read the story, Liam’s New Shape is available to read for free on the Library For All App.

Step two: Cut out a bunch of 2D shapes; circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, ovals… Whatever your heart desires. Liam cut a few shapes as well.

Step three: Use glue to stick the shapes onto white paper to create a picture or pattern.

That’s it… Enjoy!

Final Product: Liam made a lolly, green sun and a train.

I made an ice cream, golden snitch and train. Liam’s mum (my sister) made a swirly pattern.

Liam decided that my train would be better with a caboose and windows so we stuck an extra orange bit on and drew windows etc.

If you have any art that is a follow up from Liam's New Shape, I'd love to see it :D

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