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Successes of 2019 and Goal Setting for 2020

2019 was a massive year, hopefully 2020 will be just as massive.

2019 - Successes and Milestones

5 published books through Library For All - what an amazing group of people! I went along to a workshop early in 2019, sent a few things off and now have FIVE published books for the year.

I found my tribe - Book nerds and writing groups are the best, and having a chance to just talk about books, words, language and literature with other inspiring people is mind-blowing. There are literally so many amazing authors, illustrators and book nerds within a stones throw from where I live. In 2019 I found some of these people and I wouldn't feel as confident embarking into 2020 without their support.

Still alive - this will always be one of the measures for a successful year.

Anthology Invite - I was asked to contribute to an anthology with a few other wonderful authors. More info coming in 2020.

2020 – Goal Setting

As part of the Share Your Story Group I’m in, I was reminded to set goals.

Because nothing happens unless you make it happen…

And because nothing is actually official until it is on the fridge…

2020 Goals

Write every day.

Read every day.

Complete MG manuscript.

Pitch picture book manuscripts at least thrice.

Submit into at least 10 short story competitions.

Publish three more books with Library for All.

Edit picture book for .... (secret side project).

Word of the Year


Quotes for 2020

Share the love

2019 was learning; 2020 is doing.

Spirit Animal

(as always) Penguin

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